5 tips for the perfect “cold” email



Like it or not, we all, from time to time (if not every day), have to send out “cold” emails, otherwise known as SPAM.

With all the best will in the world, not every prospect you call will be sat at their desks, waiting for you to ring.     You may find that you could be making 5, 10, 20 calls before you get hold of that person.   They may not even EVER answer their phone, knowing that, every time they do, some pesky salesperson is on the other end, hawking their wares.

So,  you have to resort to other channels, namely EMAIL.

Here’s some quick tips to increase your chances of that email being opened, being read and being positively responded to:


1 – Your subject title.
There’s an art to crafting the perfect subject title, there’s certainly no “one size fits all” as the nature and purpose of every email you send will vary.    Some things to bear in mind:

  • Keep it brief
  • Make it stand out
  • Don’t give away too much information about the subject of the email – too much info in the subject title means they don’t need to read it
  • Be honest – no putting “re:” when it’s not a response to a previous email
  • Be doubly honest – don’t mislead the reader with your subject title
  • Avoid tired, spammy looking phrases like FREE and LIMITED OFFER

2 – Know your purpose
What are you looking to achieve from this email?  An introduction? A meeting? A conversation?
Get your head around that before you even type a single character in the email

3 – Be human
Nobody likes being spammed, nobody likes reading or responding to spam emails.      Yes, you are sending a spam email technically so make the email look as if it isn’t one.   People buy from people – that also applies to emails.   Keep the tone friendly but not over familiar, purposeful but also non demanding.   Be the sort of person on an email that you would hope to be during a sales meeting.

4 – Do your research
As with a cold call, if you can find a common shared point of reference, the your prospect is far more likely to respond to you.    Get online, look at their linkedin profile, their website, their clients.   Find some common ground.    Use this common ground as part of your introductory section of your email

5 – Don’t sell!
The selling will come later – just don’t use that first email to SELL your services to the prospect.   You’ve already barged your way into their life, don’t scupper it by being too pushy too early in the relationship or it’ll never get to be a relationship.   Use that first email to establish if they’re the right contact, if their company has a use for your services and whether there’d be any benefit in you talking.

One further point on that – there seems to be a bit of a culture developing where companies send out these long, lengthy emails talking about how fantastic their product is and then, assuming you’ll be interested by the time you’ve read that far, expecting you to put aside some time for a demonstration.   Hang on, you’re confirming a demonstration with me without even establishing if I’m interested in what you offer.   How does that work?

And, as with any type of sales or marketing activity, keep an eye on the outcome of each tweak in your approach, take note of what works and what doesn’t, you’ll find your own style and you’ll find what works for your prospects.

Hope these have helped!


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Dan Smith

Inspired Business Development Ltd

Inspired Business Development

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