5 ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors

Differentiate yourself from your competitors

As an outsourced sales and marketing provider, we sell a lot of different things on behalf of a lot of different clients into a lot of different sectors.  Some clients have niche or unique offerings (which provide their own challenges – I’ll discuss this in a separate blog) but the vast majority are offering a product or service that is typically offered by a lot of other businesses.

It is essential when we’re setting up any new telemarketing campaigns that we work with the client to identify what separates their business from their competitors, otherwise it’ll all come down to “can you do it any cheaper” and, as any great salesperson knows, you should NEVER sell on price alone.

So, how can you differentiate your business from your competitors?   how can you help your prospects to see the true value in what you’re offering and undertake the potentially painful process of change?

Here’s 5 tips to help

  1. Do you specialise in a specific industry/sector?  If you’ve found a certain level of success with clients in a specific industry that’s a great way of winning more business in that sector.  Different industries will have different issues, different working practices, different challenges.   Showing that you understand their industry and have previously demonstrated success in that area can be a great winner of new business.  Even better if you can identify a sector that your competitors haven’t targeted.
  2. Can you offer different/better products or services?   research your competitors – are there any products or services that you could improve or any they’re not currently offering that you could?   this can not only help you to win new business but will demonstrate that you’re an innovative, forward thinking company – a great image to be projecting
  3. Can you reduce costs AND bring added value?   reducing costs alone doesn’t count for much these days.  Yes businesses (and individuals) will always be looking at reducing expenditure but rarely at the expense of a reduction in quality.   Can you provide the same (or better) levels of service and help your clients to reduce their costs?  if you can, provide examples – case studies/testimonials – PROOF!
  4. Do you truly understand your product/service?   We can all be order takers – great sales people understand what separates their business from their competitors.   Understand why your current clients buy from you rather than from someone else, understand what problems your offering can solve, understand what improvements you can make to your prospects lives.    Knowledge is an essential part of the sales process.  Understand your offering inside out – objections will be handled, problems will be solved, lives will be improved.
  5. Do people perceive you as an expert in your field?  For me, THE best thing about business social media is the ability to be able to share your expertise with the wider world.  This isn’t about overtly pushing your sales message out to all and sundry, it’s about offering free advice and expertise – free advice and expertise that will help people to do their jobs more effectively.   Word gets round, articles get shared, reputations get built online.   Put the time aside to write articles, tweets, blogs, podcasts, videos, whatever it takes – yes it will take time but, the sooner you start, the more impact you’ll have.   Comparatively few people take the time to nurture a solid online presence – whether your competitors are doing it or not –  you need to!

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Happy selling!


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