5 Things Receptionists Hate About Cold Callers


Whilst I endeavour to run an honest, friendly and professional Telemarketing Business I have to be realistic about the fact that many people (especially receptionists) dread receiving sales and marketing calls and, with that in mind it’s worth considering why that is the case so you can take steps to ensure the calls you make are engaging, enjoyable and maybe even welcomed.

So, here are 5 things receptionists hate about cold callers:

1 – The same old introductions.   90% of cold callers will open with “can I speak to the person that deals with….”   If you’re receiving upwards of 50 calls a day and 45 of those open their call in exactly the same way, it’s certainly not going to encourage you to want to help that person.   Be different, in a good way.    It helps if you’ve got a name – there’s countless resources out there including Linkedin that can help you at the very least get a name of someone that might be able to assist you.

2 – Being over familiar.   If you walked up to a stranger in the street, full of beaming smiles and using words like “mate”, “love” or “darling” they’d probably run a mile – it’s no different on the phone.   Don’t be over friendly and don’t use words that would be inappropriate to a complete stranger – you’re operating in a professional environment, act like it.

3 – Lying.   If you’ve never spoken to the person you’re trying to contact, be honest.   It’s not a cardinal sin to have never spoken to that person before and, if you’re able to eloquently describe to the receptionist who you are, why you’re calling and, most importantly the benefit of them putting you through, you’re far more likely to get put through.  Likewise, if you’ve called earlier in the day and been unsuccessful, don’t try calling back again later in the day and pretend to be someone else- they will remember you.

4 – Sounding scripted.   A call that sounds scripted is the hallmark of the inexperienced cold caller and sticks out like a sore thumb.   Bear in mind that credible, genuine callers sound warm, natural and friendly (but not over friendly).  If you do have to work from a script – learn it, don’t read it.    Believe me, you can tell when a caller is reading from a script.  Know your offering inside out because, if you do get past your introduction, the next question is always “can I ask what the call is concerning” and you’ve got to make sure you’ve got a great answer!

5 – Being Rude.   Not in terms of swearing or farting (although I’m sure some Telemarketers have done this in the past) but more in regards to remembering your manners.      Always ensure you’re as polite as possible on any sales call and especially when you’re trying to get on the good side of receptionists.   Thank them for helping you, even asking for help as part of your introduction can go a long way.   Don’t demand, request – and say “Please”.

Basic stuff I know but, in the make or break world of sales and marketing calls you really have got a very short timeframe to make a good impression and, if you annoy the receptionist – a person who wields an enormous amount of power within an organisation – you’ve got no hope!

But, if you find you’re still “accidentally” irritating receptionists and would like some coaching give me a call.    I’ve been making sales and marketing calls for over 20 years and know my way around a receptionist, so to speak.  Failing that, let us do the calls for you.  We’re friendly, helpful and get results, without annoying receptionists.

Sales pitch over – hope I haven’t irritated you!

Happy calling!


Dan Smith 

Inspired Business Development
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T:01384 566 078
W: www.inspired-bd.com

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