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According to recent research, in 2007 the average amount of calls required to get through to a decision maker was around the 3.5 mark, today it’s closer to 8 attempts.

People are busy and are well aware of the time costs of taking incoming sales calls and, these two factors combined mean that it’s vital you utilise other channels of communication to get your message across to the right people.

One of the most effective methods is email but, with more and more companies being unwilling to impart that information, how do you find a decision makers email address when you really, really need it?

Here’s a few tips which, when combined will provide a (mostly) foolproof method of getting practically any decision makers email address.

1 – Call and ask for it.   Yes, you may find that if the company has a “no names policy” or is particularly protective over their employees contact information that this method alone won’t reap many rewards but, ask nicely, try not to sound like a salesperson and, if successful, this is one of the quickest methods there are.    Whilst I wouldn’t encourage it, you can obviously be a little less truthful and give the impression that the contact has asked you to email or, being more honest, I find a very high success rate from referring to a recent call you’ve made to them or a voicemail message where you’ve mentioned you’ll be sending them something.

2 – If your call doesn’t generate a direct email, at least let the receptionist give you the generic one.  This will at least give you the right domain name to be using.  Often, with larger companies it may not be immediately apparent what the domain name is for your country, getting a generic address will at least give you a starting point to work from

3 – Once you have the basic domain, type @theirdomain and the words – email format – into google.  This will usually produce results with pages and articles where an individual from that company has their direct email address, this will give you the correct format for that company – simply replace the name with the name of the person you’re trying to reach

4 – Adding “recruitment” or “job” or “vacancies” after that will often bring up recent job adverts and, invariably there’ll be a contact email address for an individual that was handling that vacancy – again, you’ve now got the correct format, replace it with the right name, job done!

5 – Use the website – http://www.verifyemailaddress.org/ (and I suggest bookmarking it as it’s incredibly useful) – either type or copy and paste the email address you want to check and it’ll tell you whether or not the email address is valid.   Note – this isn’t 100% foolproof but I find it works in the vast, vast majority of cases

6 – And another hugely useful website – http://www.guesser.email/  – type in the first name, last name and domain (excluding the @) and it’ll generate every common variation of that email address.   Simply copy and paste it into http://www.verifyemailaddress.org and, through a small exercise of trial and error you will, after a couple of minutes, get the correct email address for that person

Do be aware that, for the benefit of both yourself and the wider business community, I am not endorsing spamming people – yes an unsolicited email is effectively spam but, done correctly and done professionally, a cold email can be an incredibly useful tool in the salespersons arsenal.

And if you need a reliable, passionate UK based company to help you drive your sales forward (we also run email campaigns) give us a call on 0330 20 50 500

Dan Smith

Inspired Business Development Ltd


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