Accurate sales reporting – the importance of detailed notes


As a telemarketer, one of your main roles will be to instigate the initial contact with a prospect, typically through what is commonly referred to as”cold calling”  (although I’m not keen on the phrase myself as, to me a “cold” call is a badly executed call, I prefer “introductory call”).  If you’re a great Telemarketer you can be polite, engaging, amusing, friendly and knowledgable – far from “cold”

Anyway, the point I’m making is that the Telemarketer will  be making calls – be they cold or otherwise, on behalf of their client, invariably from a different location from where the client is based.   The client can’t hear what the Telemarketer is doing (unless they have call recording software in place), can’t see how the Telemarketer has approached the calls (unless they hang around their office windows but I’m sure they’ve better things to be doing) and only has the information provided by the Telemarketer carrying out the calls to help them convert that prospect into a sale.

Therefore it is hugely important that, if you’re carrying out Telemarketing calls, you  keep clear, detailed and relevant notes at all stages of the process.    If it’s a lead generation exercise, information that should be gathered could include:

Decision Makers name
Decision Makers job title
Names and titles of anyone else involved in the decision making process
Company name
Decision makers direct line
Decision makers email address
Current suppliers
Issues with current suppliers (eg price/service related)

For appointment making campaigns, it’s especially important that you clarify not only the exact time and date of the meeting but also the prospects physical location – I’ve had plenty of situations where the address on the data that’s been purchased isn’t the location the prospect is based at and there’s nothing worse than sending your client halfway around the country only to find it’s the wrong address.   I’d also strongly advise sending a confirmation email out and cc’ing or bcc’ing your client on the email – also put the date and time in bold and mention that twice during the confirmation email.

You cannot have too much (relevant) information – as outsourced sales and marketing providers, our success rests on our clients success.  We’re not just here to make a call and leave the client to fend for themselves – it’s our role to ensure we assist our clients and give them the greatest possible chance of converting that prospect into a client so, keep relevant and detailed notes – the more information your client has, the better!

Happy calling!


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