An expensive lesson learned!

Head in Hands

I had an incoming enquiry for an outbound telemarketing campaign from a prospect (who shall remain nameless) a couple of weeks ago.  We went through a basic outline of how we’d run a Telemarketing campaign for him, covered some aspects of costs and timescales etc (all the usual stuff) and, at the end of that day I put together a short proposal with the usual proviso that I’d give them a call again in a couple of days to discuss further.

All seemed pretty positive.   I made the call back as agreed but unfortunately the prospect was in meetings much of that day so I left a message to call me back.

Over the course of the day various tasks reared their ugly heads (as they typically do when you run a business) and, at 5pm I’d left a message with a company I was trying to contact on behalf of another client.  Got through to the contact there who, due to bad reception on his phone, said he’d call me back straight away on my mobile.

As soon as I put the landline down, my  mobile rang as expected but it wasn’t the person I’d just spoken to – it was the prospect I’d been trying to get hold of to discuss the potential Telemarketing campaign.   Rather apologetic I explained that I was just waiting for a call back from someone so could I call him back when I was finished.  He agreed, I progressed with the call I was waiting for.

Unfortunately the call went on for quite some time and it was after 6pm by the time we’d finished so, rather than “trouble” the prospect out of normal working hours I made a note to call him first thing the next day.

So, as planned I called his office as soon as I arrived at work the next day only to find he was in meetings the majority of the day then away on business for a few days.  Left a message with reception and sent him an email to get in touch with me.

Essentially I didn’t hear back from him so I tried again a week later (again having the mindset of not wanting to “trouble” him) and again was told he was in meetings all day so I left another message and sent another email.

Having left it for another week or so I called him on his mobile just after 5pm last night and apologised for not calling him back previously.   Pleasant though he was I was met with the rather troublesome news of “we’ve appointed another Telemarketing company now on a 2 week trial and will then be entering into a 12 month contract”    This could have been worth anything upwards of £13k to us and, had I have called him back on the agreed day I’m highly confident we’d have got the business.    Gutted to say the least.

So, the expensive lesson I’ve learned – don’t ever feel you’re “troubling” or “pestering” prospects that have expressed an interest in your services.  If you work in sales or marketing and they’ve got anything about them they’ll appreciate that persistence is a huge factor in determining potential success and, if you’ve agreed to call a prospect back CALL THEM!!!!!

We’re still in tough economic times, despite what the media might be telling us.   Don’t pass up any opportunity to get more business!!!!

Happy calling (prospects back)

Dan Smith


Dan Smith 
Inspired Business Development
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Maypole Fields
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