Are you negatively influencing your prospects?


Recently I had a situation, whilst calling on behalf of a client where, for around half an hour, every receptionist and decision maker I got through to was rude, abrupt, or just plain unhelpful, one even slammed the phone down – something which, contrary to popular belief doesn’t happen that often, at least in the B2B world.   Unless you’re terrible at making prospecting calls.

Increasingly fighting back my frustration I then called a company and within a minute secured an appointment for our client.    Over the moon.   Suddenly it doesn’t matter if everyone is grumpy (or happy, or any of the other 7 dwarves) (sorry).     A meeting is booked and, from this point onwards my day is going to improve.

And, surprise surprise, from that point onwards, not one person I called was grumpy.    Everyone was helpful, friendly, willing to talk, I even had around 5 minutes of hearing about one lady’s recent holiday.   Still, better than having the phone slammed down.

Now I don’t know whether this is down to coincidence, science or some crazy Noel Edmonds style cosmic ordering but, when you feel potential clients are miserable and rude it’s worth taking a moment to think, is my state of mind affecting my potential success?

So, with that in mind, here’s 5 tips to help reduce your negative frame of mind and create a mindset of positivity and success:

1 – Stop complaining.   I once heard the phrase “if you start a pity party then you bring the whine” – nobody likes a moaner so look for the best in every situation, complaining just leads to more complaining, be grateful, be thankful, be understanding, be aware of when you’re starting to complain or moan and nip it in the bud

2 – Create a positive environment.   Life is full of bad stuff, it’s even pumped into our ears and eyes on a daily basis courtesy of the news but being aware of the negative influences on your life can help you to avoid them.  You don’t have to live in ignorance but you also don’t have to live in a negative environment so aim to surround yourself with positive people, positive books, positive news stories, positive music and, if you do find yourself around negative people/books/news/music, maintain a mental filter so it doesn’t affect you and bring you down

3 – Get enough sleep.   This is essential – tired bodies and minds welcome negativity.  Yes you may want to catch up on that late night episode of your current favourite TV show at midnight whilst knocking back the umpteenth glass of wine but, when you’ve got to be on the ball the next day, ask yourself “could this wait until the weekend?”

4 – Set achievable goals.    Feeling like you’re not in control of your life can have a tremendously negative effect on your mindset.  You dont’ have to aim to change the world but even small goals like achieving a certain amount of calls in a day can be a great motivator.  Notice I said “achievable” as not reaching your goals can have the opposite effect so make the goals realistic, review your progress at regular intervals and consistently benchmark your success, not against others but against yourself

5 – Believe in yourself.   Nobody is perfect – as my wife consistently reminds me, not even me!  But self belief is the cornerstone of a positive mindset.   We all have that little voice inside our heads that reminds us of the things we’re not very good at – it could be the remnants of a former boss, a bad teacher, a parent, a school bully but the louder that voice gets inside our heads, the less likely we are to achieve at things or even to try those things in the first place.    Remind yourself of all that you’re good at and remember that practice makes perfect.   Learn from your mistakes and strive to be the best you personally can be.   There are plenty of people that believe in you but you’ve got to believe in yourself

And, as a final point it’s worth bearing in mind that we all have bad days, but the more positive you are, the better those bad days will be

Happy calling!


Dan Smith 
Inspired Business Development
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