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Last friday was a monumental day in the life of my son as he finally reached “double digits” by reaching the grand old age of 10 (that’s him on the picture – the handsome one in the white t-shirt).     As a result, this past weekend has been filled with all manner of birthday celebrations, lots of cake, a water park and (on my request) a visit to a Back to the Future themed cafe.

This particular cafe, which has only recently been opened, is in homage to the “Cafe 80’s” that features in the sequel Back to the Future II.      They don’t yet have a website and have been relying on interest being generated through social media – I, in fact, saw details of the place on a friends facebook page and, as a huge fan of Back to the Future, felt I just HAD to visit.

Now, you may be wondering why this is relevant to a blog which, mostly deals with subjects related to sales and telemarketing.   Fortunately for you, I will now answer that query.

For me, what has most impressed me about this place – in addition to the whole Back to the Future theme was that this was a business which had been started, not purely for reasons of making profit but because the two owners of the cafe have a huge interest and passion for the film.

It was so nice to walk into a cafe that didn’t fit the usual high street Starbucks/Costa mould.   Somewhere unique, somewhere that, whilst still a little rough around the ages, was filled with the passion that the two business owners had for that movie.  As a fan of the movie myself, there were so many nice little touches, references to the films, 80’s memorabilia (which I later found out the owner had brought from his own collection) and, as two people that were not only passionate about the films but also passionate about their business, so much love and attention poured into the whole experience.

And that’s how businesses should be – yes we’re in it to make money but if you feel real, true passion for what your business offers that will reflect in everything the business does and will reflect in the profits that business makes.     Not only did this passion show in the visual side of the cafe but also in their customer service – they even got a HUGE bowl of ice cream free of charge due to it being my son’s birthday.

So, I wish the best of luck to the owners of Cafe 80’s – Hope their business does really well both now, and in the future!

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