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I’m going to give you a hard truth.     If you’re making cold calls to prospects, as far as that prospect is concerned, you are nothing but a pain in the backside.    You have rudely interrupted his/her day and most likely taken their attention away from something far more important than talking to you.

He or she has a LOT of work to do, accounts to process, customers to call, proposals to submit and a large pile of paperwork that needs to be tackled NOW.  If someone asked them to write a list of the things they would rather not be experiencing at this exact moment, a cold sales call would be somewhere near the top of the list, just under a heart attack and a visit from the devil himself.

In short, your call is not welcome.  At best, he/she might be in a reasonable mood and may be willing to listen what you’ve got to say for a minute or two but even then, on the grand scale of things both you and your offering are unlikely to be considered as important as whatever tasks they have to undertake as part of their job.

So, take all of that on board.   Not as a means to put you off making the call in the first place but more as a motivation to explore the various means of successfully dealing with that mindset and becoming not only more important but highly important in the eyes of the prospect.

To begin with – put yourself in your prospects shoes.

Ask yourself:

What is important to them?
What drives them?
What concerns them?
What problems do they experience?
What is he/she looking to achieve?

and how can your product or service address those questions/issues?

This will be the driver for all successful interaction with that prospect – obviously a lot of this will be informed guesswork, you’ve not spoken to that person yet so may well have to make generalisations based on a whole host of demographic factors.    As two examples though, we can safely assume that people in their 80’s will have concerns over mobility/health and that IT managers will have concerns about ineffective hardware systems.

And that’s not to say there aren’t people in their 80’s who have concerns about hardware systems or IT managers that are concerned with mobility/health.
And from that point, It’s then a process of gradually winning the prospect over so, dissect the various stages of the call – your introduction, your questions, your pitch, your tone of voice, your objectives and ensure that, as well as being likeable enough for the prospect to want to begin listening to you, that you provide enough genuine value and intrigue during the call that the prospect wants to continue talking – and buying!.

You may think you’re an amazing salesperson, you may think you sound brilliant over the phone, you may genuinely believe that you have the greatest product or service on earth but, regardless of how brilliant you or your product/service are, if you can’t demonstrate enough genuine real-world benefits to your prospects, you’re unlikely to be considered important and unlikely to make the sale.

So, ignore the fact that your call wasn’t welcome – make it enjoyable and make yourself important and your prospects will soon forget that brief moment of interruption.

We’re experts at making sales and marketing calls, with a combined 80 years experience across our small but perfectly formed team.   We’d love to show you how good we are so give us a call on 0330 20 50 500 and let’s have a chat!


Happy selling!


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