Blogging – let your car be your notepad.

Picture of Ford Focus

I’m sure you’re well aware of the benefits of regular, targeted blogging in terms of promoting your business so, I’m sure that, at some point or another you’ve tried writing a blog, in the hope that, overnight, millions see your pearls of wisdom and take action that will result in you receiving some valuable new business.

In reality, one blog post alone won’t cut it – it’s a matter of repeated, regular effort – consistently putting out relevant content that brings in interest through the sharing of your expertise and knowledge.

And it’s that part that often causes the downfall.   You may find enough ideas for a few blogs but really struggle with the regular part.

First step to sorting this out – have a look at the previous blog post I wrote on finding inspiration  for your blog.

Second step – and this is something that works very well for me – rather than sitting at my computer, hoping that inspiration comes to me – I use a recorder app on my phone so, when I’m in the car, driving along, getting inspired by the English traffic that roars past my window, I can just rant and rave into my phone.

I then get back into the office, type up what I’ve just recorded and, voila, a lovely new blog post, written in my natural phraseology.     Obviously I don’t type EVERYTHING I’ve said in the car, otherwise many of my blog posts would consist of my critiquing of everybody else’s standards of driving.

So, don’t write your blogs – record them!

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