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I recently watched the movie/documentary “Generation Iron” –  which, for the benefit of those that haven’t seen the film is all about contestants entering the 2012 Mr Olympia competition.

Since 1965, Mr Olympia has been the world’s leading – and best known competition for professional Bodybuilders.    I had an interest in watching it, really from the point of getting an insight into the hard work and dedication that is required from the contestants.

As I watched, I began to see comparisons between the life of a professional bodybuilder and the life of a business owner (stick with me, it’ll all make sense).

The bodybuilders are devoting their entire lives to their goal
Their normal lives are often severely affected by their quest to achieve that goal
No matter how much they train and how hard they work, there will always be more training and hard work to do
The biggest fight they have is often with themselves
Their success is down to not just them but the team of people that surround them (trainers/nutritionists/managers/pr staff etc)

For me, the biggest point out of those is that, as a business owner myself, there really is never a point where I’ve done enough.   I’ve had to learn to switch off, to give my mind and body time to recover, to not check my emails during the evening or at weekends.    My main goal is to make a success of my business – it’s all about knowing what that success is, having small, achievable goals along the way so I don’t burn myself out in the quest for my millions.

Yes, it may be a bit of a tenuous link but, whether it’s muscles or business success you seek, goals and hard work is where it’s at!

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