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Over the last few years, social media has revolutionised the way we sell and market our businesses.  Not only have companies generated billions in revenue off the back of Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and the rest, the very existence – and usage – of those sites has given birth to a whole industry devoted to helping companies develop their businesses through social media.

It can be scary when you first start out because, and let’s be fair, it’s EXTREMELY confusing for beginners.  How do you know what to put on your linkedin profile?  how do you know what to tweet?  Are you customers even interested in visiting your company facebook page?   and, the big one How do you know you’re getting a return on your investment?

There are answers to all of those questions out there – so go find ’em.   Yes I could write a huge, detailed post to give you all of the relevant but that’s for another time – as it stands, I’m an extremely avid user of social media that happens to utilise it’s power to help grow my telemarketing business so I want to give you new starters one simple piece of advice for using business social media:

“Get involved”

Now, that might seem vague but, it is what it is.    The true power of business social media comes from getting involved.  Don’t use it as a means to promote your business, use it as a means to get involved with/communicate with other people.

Comment on people’s posts, retweet people’s tweets, give advice, share expertise, pass on job vacancies to people you know would be suitable, repost things, point people in the right direction – all of this will help to build  your personal brand as the “Go to” person in your industry and, as that process builds, more people will know about you, those people know other people – other people that could be BRILLIANT new clients for your business.

Other people that won’t even need selling to because they’ll have already bought into the brand of YOU.

You don’t have to devote a tremendous amount of time to it initially – just fit it in around your day.   We all have moments where we’re just “hanging around” – get that social media platforms app on your phone, get commenting while you’re waiting for the train or sitting in a reception area waiting for a meeting.   Spend 10 minutes every morning or an hour when you get home every night, whatever it takes, just GET INVOLVED and you WILL see your revenues increase.

As a brief example of this – only this week I commented on a message someone had posted in LInkedin – rather strangely this chap had sent the message as a group message to about 20 of us, trying to promote his cleaning supplies company.   I could have ignored it as we have no need to purchase cleaning supplies but instead I commented, mentioning we could help him bring in new business for that company if he wanted to have a chat.

Someone else on that thread – who does use cleaning supplies and runs a cleaning company saw my comment, got my number off our website and called me – another potential new client for us, all because I commented on someone else’s message on Linkedin.  I got INVOLVED!

And if you need a reliable, passionate UK based company to help you drive your sales forward (we also provide social media management) give us a call on 0330 20 50 500 or complete our enquiry form on our website and we’ll call you straight back

Dan Smith

Inspired Business Development Ltd 

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