Business Social Media – it’s changed the face of my business


Although it’s been a relatively recent tool I’ve used to promote my Telemarketing business, like many people I’ve been using social media for personal reasons for absolutely years.   I had a myspace account back when people still used myspace (I believe dinosaurs still roamed the earth), use facebook a bit too much for my wife’s liking and have tweeted and retweeted loads of random amusing stuff to varying levels of interest from my followers with no real aim other than the fact that it was there and it kind of felt like my duty to use it.

It did take me a while to get my head around using social media for business though as, although it’s essentially the same discipline, in many ways it’s a totally different beast.  There are different rules regarding the sort of content you’re expected to be posting, different rules for behaviour and etiquette.  It is not, as many people initially feel, a means to overtly “promote” your business – ie telling the world how great your business is, how brilliant your prices are, how much better you are than your competition – typically you’ll notice this behaviour in those that are new to the world of business social media and, I have to say I’ve been guilty of it myself in the early days.

It’s very easy to think of business social media as another form of advertising and, yes it is to a degree, but you have to treat it differently from traditional forms of advertising.    For me, it’s about sharing my knowledge and expertise of Telemarketing and sales with the wider world – I am  kind of “softly” selling our services rather than overtly selling.     As a result, over the past 12 months or so, the amount of twitter followers I have has risen enormously, I have nearly 1000 connections on linkedin (the vast majority being relevant to my business), our facebook page is (slowly) growing in popularity and my (more or less) weekly blog is consistently getting positive comments and shares.

The end result being that I’m increasing my audience and further cementing my place as an “expert” in my field but also showing my readers and connections that I’m a hard working, honest, funny, friendly and knowledgeable person with a huge amount of passion for both the world of Telemarketing and running a successful small business.  I use social media (particularly linkedin) to help others, to offer advice and comment on related business issues.  It’s helped me to build new connections, develop friendships, find new customers, gain knowledge all whilst (softly) promoting our services.

If you’re still confused about how social media can help your business, get in touch and I’ll be more than happy to give you some advice

Happy tweeting/facebooking/linkedin(ing) and any other socialmediaing you can think of!


Dan Smith 
Inspired Business Development
Unit K9 Cradley Enterprise Centre
Maypole Fields
B63 2QB
T:01384 566 078


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