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Generating qualified sales leads can be a costly and time consuming process.   We speak to buyers of Telecoms, LED Lighting, Logistics, Facilities, IT, Security and other products and services every single day and can provide you with fully qualified sales opportunities without the commitment of an ongoing telemarketing campaign.

For our “paid on results” model you have two options:

1 – Prepay for our “Premium Service”
For our premium service, we charge up front for an agreed amount of leads per month.  We then give you priority access to those leads and, if there are any issues over the quality or suitability, we will replace the lead or, if that’s not possible, refund the fee.
Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with further information.

2 – Sign up for our Free service.
Exactly the same but there’s no up front fee, however you will only receive leads as and when they are generated and if they’ve not already been bought by clients using the premium service.

Fill out the form below, and as soon as we have an opportunity that we feel is right for you, we’ll be in touch

Again though- if there are any issues over the quality or suitability of any leads you purchase from us using our free service, we will replace or refund them so there is no risk to you at all!

We’ll also provide you with a full, detailed lead sheet, call recordings and any other information you need to turn that lead into new business!

Increase your sales with our quality lead service allowing you to visit appointments arranged by us with buyers that are looking for your products and services.   When it comes to lead generation look no further than Inspired Telemarketing.


Paid per results lead generation

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