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Get targeted twitter followers


So, Dan, what on earth has this got to do with sales and marketing you may be asking yourselves.   Have I become so disillusioned with the world of Telemarketing that I’ve decided to pledge my allegiance to Mr Bieber and his teen-entrancing pop?

The answer – you may be pleased to find out is No.   I do have extremely varied musical tastes but not that varied!

Let me explain – as well as running a telemarketing business and having a near obsessive interest in the sales process I also use social media to promote my business, gain knowledge & build relationships.  I’ve had a twitter account for a couple of years but, if I’m honest didn’t really begin to harness it’s power until around 3 months ago.

It all seemed very one sided – I’d post tweets and get no replies to them.  I’d reply to other peoples tweets and get no response back.  All of this was taking up valuable time that I could have better spent on some other form of marketing or social media.  So I neglected my account.    My tweets diminished to around once a month, my new followers to 2 or 3 every couple of weeks and, as a consequence I received a total of zero new enquiries as a result of twitter.

I then had a bit of a revelation – I’ve been involved in comedy for years and currently perform and write as part of a sketch group that – if you’re interested – will be performing at the Edinburgh festival this year (3-14th of August, 9pm at the Jekyll and Hyde) and was given the task of increasing our twitter followers to help promote the show.

Being as I was so lacking in faith about the potential of twitter I knew that the one thing I had to do to get the message out there was to increase our follower numbers so I got online and researched ways of legitimately increasing our followers.  In the end I settled on a site called tweepi which, I have to say has been exactly what I was looking for.

Without wanting to seem like I’m promoting the site too overtly (other twitter tools are available), what I found particularly great about it was the ability to follow followers and analyse their statistics to maximise the chances of being followed back.  Most notable were the last tweet dates and the percentage of followers to how many they were following.  Tweet dates being a good indicator of activity and therefore likelihood of following you back, percentages being an indicator again of how likely they are to follow you back.

Ideally you’re looking for a 100% follow ratio – this shows that the person is very likely to follow back anyone that follows them

Most importantly though I was following people who followed people in the same business as me so, rather than just following other comedians I followed the followers of those comedians – the logic being that if they’re following Michael Mcintyre , they’re interested in comedians so could well be interested in us.

This can obviously be applied to the business world – if you run a cleaning company, follow the followers of other cleaning companies, follow the followers of Facilities Management companies, follow the followers of letting agent associations etc etc

Which takes me back to my initial point.  There are tons of companies offering the ability to buy twitter followers – in an instant you can pay £30 and immediately look more impressive but, unless those followers have an interest in your product/service, what is the point?

Whilst there may well be some Bieber fans that have a need for Telemarketing services my gut feeling is that they’re probably not my ideal target market.   Make sure you’re engaging with companies and individuals that want to hear what you’ve got to say.   After all, you can’t sell to Justin Bieber fans – unless you’re selling Justin Bieber merchandise


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