Clampdown on cold calling companies

No cold calls

Today the news has been awash with stories of the governments plans to crackdown on cold calling companies – full story at BBC News

As from April 6th of this year, companies will no longer have to cause “substantial danger or substantial distress” before being charged.   Currently this means that companies will have to have made repeated contacts with an individual/business and only then, after assessment by the information commissioners office is that company likely to be charged for breaching the TPS rules.

Now you may think, as I run a telemarketing business that this is something I wouldn’t be welcoming – after all our business is, in effect, “cold calling”.   On the contrary, I believe this is long overdue.   The current set up with regard to the policing of the telephone preference register renders the whole system practically useless.     It’s all well and good having a service where users can opt out of receiving calls but unless breaches are being followed up – and financially punished, less companies are going to take notice of the rules and, the end result, more people are going to be receiving unwanted sales and marketing calls.

We have always screened any numbers we call against the TPS and CTPS registers – this is a cost to our business but one we pay because we firmly believe that reputable companies should play by the rules.   Yes there’ll be occasional mistakes and I sincerely hope that the changes in the legislation don’t mean that occasional mistakes are punished – more that the ICO go after companies that are blatantly ignoring the rules.

The service needs promoting, it needs policing and it needs honest, reputable companies that will accept the small financial outlay for protecting their business from fines for breaches – and protecting people from receiving unwanted calls and texts.

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