Cold calling and stand up comedy – are they one and the same?


I’m heavily involved with two worlds that most people would run a mile from given half a chance.  During the day I run a B2B Telemarketing business, making what most would refer to as “cold” calls and, during the evening (or some evenings anyway) I’m a stand up comedian.    I’ve been making cold calls for over 20 years and have been standing on stage, performing to all sorts of weird and wonderful (mostly drunk) audiences since 2001.   Both of those things, when they come up in conversation invariably result in comments such as “oh, you’ve got to have guts to do that”, “you must be a glutton for punishment”  or “I don’t know how you have the confidence to do that”

So, am I brave, stupid, brilliant or a combination of all 3?

Probably a combination of all 3 but, in all honesty if I was just brave and stupid I wouldn’t be very successful at either cold calling or comedy.   Both are learned skills, both require a certain mindset to be able to succeed, both require dedication and a lot of hard work.    I never get nervous making sales and marketing calls because I always ensure I understand the offering, have thoroughly researched the companies I’m calling and truly grasp the benefits that my clients company can bring to any prospects.  I know what I’ve got to say, I know what questions to ask and know how to answer any questions that get thrown at me.

It’s the same with doing stand up.  I’d never dream of getting up on stage unless I’d thoroughly rehearsed my set beforehand, always ensure I deal with any fears that arise before I get up on stage and it’s that level of preparation that gets me to a point where I can stand in front of 100+ people and be engaging, be confident and above all be funny.

Yes there has to be an element of bravery and stupidity to actually want to do these things for a living but I firmly believe that anyone can make effective cold calls and that anyone can get up on stage and make an audience of strangers laugh.    The two disciplines are not a million miles apart.

Happy calling (and making people laugh)


Happy calling!


Dan Smith 
Inspired Business Development
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Maypole Fields
B63 2QB
T:01384 566 078

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