Cold calling – how to become more resilient


5 tips on developing resilience for cold calling

It may not surprise you to learn that one of the most important qualities for a successful telemarketer/cold caller is resilience.     To be truly successful at making high volumes of effective sales and marketing calls – you have to have skin that’s as thick as a Rhino’s (metaphorically speaking obviously)

Rejection is an inevitable part of the job and, if you let that rejection affect you, your call rates will go down, your fear will go up and the end result = less success.

We all want to be successful so, how do you develop Rhino like skin and keep dialing after the 70th “no” of the day?

  1. Don’t take it personally – it’s not you that’s being rejected, it’s what you’re offering.  It might not be the right time, you might not even be speaking to the right person.  Don’t feel that person is making a personal affront on you and the very core of your being.   It’s just sales – justify the response as nothing more than a rejection of your offer
  2. Don’t dwell on things – rejection WILL happen – if a prospect has said no, been rude to you or even slammed the phone down – put it in the past, it’s happened, move on!
  3. Have a number of alternative objectives. Not everyone will be interested in what you’ve got to offer – however, the majority of people, if you nicely ask if you can send them some information over, will give you an email address – you now have the decision makers email and, hopefully (if you’ve asked for it) permission to contact them again in the future – that’s just one example but, if you make sure you get SOMETHING out of the call
  4. Treat each call as a learning experience – make it your mission to continually review your approach, your pitch, your objection handles and to keep a close eye on what you could be doing better.  That “no” could be a very useful lesson in getting you to the next “yes”
  5. Have confidence – in yourself, your product, your features, your benefits – the more confident you are in yourself and your offering, the less likely those “no’s” are going to affect you emotionally

And, if all else fails, remember the old SWSWSWN – SOME WILL, SOME WON’T, SO WHAT, NEXT!

Get that Rhino skin developed and be successful!!!!!!!

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Happy selling!


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