Cold calling isn’t dead


We live in a truly digital age.   Everyone is connected through phones, the internet & social media, both in their own private lives and in business.

This digital connectivity has seeped into every corner of the business world, increasing transparency, improving knowledge and making huge changes to practically every way we work, particularly in terms of sales & marketing.

It has now become a buyers market – if you need a product or service, it’s pretty flipping easy to bang a few keys on your keyboard and instantly you’ve found a plethora of companies – good and bad – ready and willing to help you part with your cash.

From the point of view of those selling their products and services, whole industries have sprung up to help enable this even further, offering social media, seo, email marketing and a number of other highly effective ways to get your companies message out there and help you to generate more business.

It cannot be denied that these methods are all highly effective – I run a Telemarketing business and also plough a lot of time, energy and money into marketing methods that don’t involve the phone.

But, effective as they are, these methods still rely on the one thing that an effective, professional Telemarketing company can provide – human interaction.

The bottom line, is that, in the vast majority of cases, regardless of how you let buyers know about your product or service, everything ends up being a simple matter of a conversation between two people.

Cold calling will never be obsolete, as long as we have phones!

And if you’re looking to source a reliable company to help with making effective sales and marketing calls – we’d love to help.   Give me a call on 0330 20 50 500 and let’s talk!

Happy calling!


Dan Smith 
Inspired Business Development
Unit K9 Cradley Enterprise Centre
Maypole Fields
B63 2QB
T:01384 566 078

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