Cold calling – keep your introductions short and sweet

Cold calling introductions

I’ve written in a previous blog about the importance of ensuring you begin all introductory sales calls with a strong introduction – essentially, the success of that  initial 10 seconds or so has an enormous impact upon how the rest of the call will pan out.

In terms of this post, I’d like to add some further detail regarding the choice of words you utilise for your introduction and, most importantly, how to make them sound as natural and comfortable as possible.    The more human you sound, the more likely that prospect will end up buying from you so it’s vital that you not only get across all of the relevant points as part of your introduction but also that you choose words that both sound and feel comfortable spilling from your mouth.

In my experience, the perfect introduction will include:

  1. Your name
  2. The name of your company
  3. A benefit of dealing with you
  4. A polite request to ask if it’s convenient to talk

To give an example, let’s say you’re calling on behalf of a cleaning company, your introduction would go something like this:

“Good morning, my name is Dan Smith (obviously don’t use my name unless by some coincidence your name is Dan Smith), I work for ABC Cleaning, we help a lot of companies in the local area to reduce their office cleaning costs.     Are you ok to talk for a moment?”

So, in there, you’ve got all of the above points including a distinct benefit for the prospect to want to continue talking to you and, by asking if they’re ok to speak, you’ve shown that you appreciate he/she might be busy.    If they’re busy, agree a more convenient time to talk.  If they’re not too busy – fire away with the rest of the call.

Now, in terms of this as an introduction – I have used this literally thousands of times as we do a lot of telemarketing for cleaning companies.  However, the first time I called for a cleaning company, that introduction would have looked different.

Yes I wrote it down and, on paper, it all looked fine.  However, when you come to call and you begin to realise that some words don’t quite sit well with each other in a sentence, that’s the point where subtle changes can be made and improvements actioned.

Personally, whenever I’m starting calling on a new campaign for a new client, not only will I write the introduction down, I’ll repeat to myself over and over and over again until it feels comfortable.   The less those words feel natural to me, the less they’ll sound natural to the prospect.

You might find that mentioning the word cleaning twice in an introduction doesn’t feel quite right.   It may even come down to having too many words that begin with the same letter in there.   Rehearse it before  you start calling and, as you progress through the calls, ensure you’re constantly tuned in to the reactions you’re getting from your prospects.

Are you giving too little away?  Are you talking to much and leading the prospect to start searching their mind for an immediate knee jerk objection?

Keep these 4 points in there, keep rehearsing it.    The more natural you sound, the more success you’ll have!


And if you’d like to talk about how we can help identify more sales opportunities through outbound sales & marketing, get in touch on 0330 20 50 500 or fill in the contact form on our website and we’ll call you straight back

Dan Smith
Inspired Business Development Ltd

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