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If you’re making an introductory (cold) call, it may not surprise you to know that a huge amount of the success of that call depends on how effective your initial introduction is.

Make a good impression in those first few seconds and the rest of the call is far more likely to go to plan.

Make a terrible impression and, well, you know the rest.

Crafting the perfect introduction to a cold call is quite an art.   You need to get across – in a very short space of time – who you are, where you’re calling from, a benefit of dealing with you and the name/title of the person you need to speak to.

No mean feat!

You’ll also need to tailor that introduction to suit the person you’re speaking to.

Whilst the decision maker will need to know more specific details about who you are and why you’re calling, if you’re speaking to a receptionist or a colleague of the decision you probably won’t need to go into that much detail.   Yes you still need to get them on your side and yes you still need to give them a reason to put your call through but go easy on the specifics and the detail.

Receptionists in particular have a need to keep incoming calls as short as possible – get the basic details, make a quick judgement call on whether you’re worthy of being put through and move onto the next call.

Colleagues of the decision maker will have a similar goal – they’ll want to keep your call quick so they can pass it on and carry on with whatever they were doing before you interrupted them.   Again though, they’ll want to ensure they’re not causing themselves future problems by passing an unwanted call onto their colleague.

So, unless you’re speaking to the decision maker, keep the focus on VERY short and sweet – give them the basics and give them a reason to put you through.

Make sure you sound professional, you sound authoritative and give them a reason to WANT to put you through.

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