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Yeah, I know, cold calling is rarely seen as a fun activity.     When it comes to enjoyment, it’s probably just under public speaking and sticking drawing pins into your eyes.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

As with anything in life, your experience of cold calling is largely down to your own perception.

If you’re filled with fear and trepidation before picking up the phone, guess what, fear and trepidation will be what you’re feeling as you make the call.

If you’re uncertain about why you’re calling, uncertainty will be the dominating presence of the conversation.

But, if you treat the cold call as a fun experience – which it can be – guess what, you’ll have a far more enjoyable, engaging and productive conversation with your prospect.

So firstly – deal with your fears.  Identify what it is that’s holding you back that could be

  • Your product knowledge
  • Your confidence in your sales skills
  • Your understanding of your solution
  • Your understanding of the market
  • Your knowledge of your prospects/their company
  • Your hangover
  • Your mood
  • Your colleagues
  • Your environment

In short, anything.   You’re there to do a job – you owe it to yourself to do a good job so, dig deep, find out what’s holding you back and rectify the situation

Once all that’s done with, onto the business of treating these calls as an enjoyable experience

Remember – all you are doing is talking to people.   You do this all day.  You make jokes with your colleagues, give pleasant Hello’s to people you’ve never met before, shake hands, answer calls, deal with angry customers, sell things.   You’re brilliant at it.  You’ve been doing it all your life.

The only difference here is you’re phoning someone you’ve never spoken to before.

No huge problem.  Yes, there’ll always be a couple of seconds of awkwardness when you first call them but, it’s not going to hurt you.   It’s just a voice on the end of the phone.

Remember, you’re brilliant at talking!

Make it your goal to engage them.  To find out if you can improve their lives.  To make them laugh.

Set yourself dialling targets, knowing that the next call you make could be THE call, the ideal prospect you’ve been hoping for.

Know that every new connection you make could open you up to new connections that might need your services.  This is all about getting the activity out there.

Treat every call as a learning experience – keep track of what you’ve done well and what needs improvement.   There’s no better training than doing the job!

I hope these few tips have helped.   For more, please do subscribe to my blog and follow me on the various social media platforms.  Links are to the left of the page

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Dan Smith

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Inspired Business Development

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