Cold calling? What’s your exit strategy?

Inspired Business Development Exit Strategy

Over the past twenty years or so of cold calling, I’ve had plenty of advice from team leaders, sales managers and general superiors.  Some good, some bad, some, upon reflection, laughably terrible.

But, out of all the tips I’ve had, one has stuck in my mind and, I have to say is a piece of advice that I still use to this day.

“Get something out of every call”

Just to explain further – as it’s difficult to convey the full purpose of that statement in a small sentence – for every call you make, always ensure you come away with something.   Now, that something could be an order, a contact name, an email address, a follow up call, anything that you feel will help you to progress the sales process with that particular prospect.

This could translate into having a series of objectives for a call – as an example, your primary objective could be to secure a sales appointment, followed by a sliding scale of sending out information related to your offering, gathering information on budgets, contract renewal dates etc – again, anything that will contribute towards the final goal – getting a sale!

Or, viewed slightly differently, treat your additional objectives as an exit strategy – what are you going to do if the call doesn’t exactly go to plan?  Yes, in a perfect world, every sales call you make will go perfectly – the decision maker will be available to speak to, will have a few minutes spare to talk to you and will listen intently to your pitch.  In reality though, we all know that’s rarely the case so, make sure you have an exit plan in place, make sure you come away from the call with SOMETHING every single time!!!!!!


Dan Smith

Inspired Busines Development Ltd

Inspired Business Development

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