Cold calling without being a nuisance

I recently came across an article in the Yorkshire Evening post, written by Monica Dyson regarding the cost of nuisance phone calls. The full article can be read here

The “cost” that is being referred to is primarily the emotional and time cost of those receiving what are often perceived to be “nuisance” phone calls.  In addition, due to the proliferation of phone scams, those costs can often, unfortunately also be financial.

As Monica rightly points out, the best method for any individual or business to ensure that they significantly reduce the amount of unwanted calls is to register your number with the TPS/CTPS (Telephone preference service/corporate telephone preference service respectively).   This WILL stop the vast majority of companies from calling you but, unfortunately as there are so many companies ignoring the law, in addition to the amount of companies the law doesn’t apply to (market research and overseas companies being just two), it will not stop all unwanted calls from reaching you.

As the owner of a telemarketing business I’m fully aware that the calls we make are often not welcome but, as a matter of course we not only ensure we TPS/CTPS check all numbers on our calling lists but always ensure that our calls are delivered in a friendly, professional and thoroughly engaging manner so that, even if the person we’re calling is not interested in what we’re offering, they will end the call hopefully feeling that the call has been a pleasant experience.

Unfortunately not every telemarketing business operates in this manner.  Many companies blatantly ignore the law or, just as bad are totally ignorant as to what the law means.   I’ve had comments from people along the lines of “if the number is on their website, then it’s ok to call them” as an example.

Whilst we can’t personally contact every company to tell them not to call us, we all have a duty to spread the word about the TPS/CTPS registers (yes I realise that will leave us with less companies to call but I’d rather be compliant) but ultimately the buck stops with the Information Commissioners office – they administer the scheme and, in my opinion should not only be doing more to promote the scheme but also go after those that flout the law, otherwise the whole system will fall down on it’s knees.

And, I have to say, it’s great to hear that Monica is still polite to callers – we may often be an unwelcome interruption to your day but ultimately it’s just a person doing their job.   Most telemarketing jobs are considered to be entry level career paths and (unlike us) many companies will have banks of minimum wage, inexperienced staff carrying their calls out so, please be nice to them!

And if you’d like us to help your business generate more sales opportunities with professionally delivered calls to numbers NOT on the TPS register give us a call on 0330 20 50 500



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