Cold calls – they’re not as scary as Halloween

Grinning Halloween lantern vector illustration.

Halloween is just around the corner or, as I like to call it “kids begging for sweets night”.

The evening will be filled with ghosts, zombies and scary things that go bump in the night but, every single day, in offices around the world people are gripped with fear, fear about making COLD CALLS! (queue dramatic music)

But this is clearly an unnecessary fear – whilst ghosts, zombies and scary things that go bump in the night are real and can hurt you very badly, cold calls can’t.   If you get rejected as a field sales rep, it’s face to face,  cold calling from an office is far easier to deal with, just stare at the picture of your cat you’ve got on your desk and think happy thoughts.

Seriously though – there’s 2 main reasons people hate making cold calls

  1. Uncertainty
  2. Rejection

The uncertainty – or lack of confidence if you prefer can cover many areas – lack of confidence in the product/service, the business, the prospect, your knowledge, you.   All easily remedied (unless the product/service really is terrible, in which case you should probably get a new job) – do some research – google is your friend.

Research the company you work for – look for positive press, customer reviews, company history, anything to increase your faith in their offering, research the company you’re calling – understand what they do and what they’re looking to achieve as an organisation.

Same again for your product knowledge – the more you know, the more confident you’ll be.

For yourself, there’s a ton of resources available on personal development, sales development, coaching – some of the worlds most successful people publish blogs and articles – learn from those who’ve done it!

Rejection then will become less likely – naturally there’ll be people who aren’t interested in what you have to offer, don’t worry about them, let them carry on doing whatever they were doing.   Acceptance is a big part of dealing with rejection – know why you’re calling and how you can benefit them but also know that there will be some people – possibly a large portion of people, who just are not in the slightest bit bothered.

It’s not a personal rejection.

So, to summarise,  to banish the deathly fear of COLD CALLING – Increase your knowledge & accept the likelihood of rejection

Don’t have nightmares…………………..


Dan Smith 
Inspired Business Development
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