Coping with rejection in sales


As a professional Telemarketer/Cold caller/enemy of the entire working world/whatever  you want to call me, I frequently get asked how I cope with the inevitable rejection that this role provides.   Rejection seems to be the big reason why so many people hate making sales calls, be they cold or otherwise but if you’re going to succeed in both sales calls and, indeed in any type of sales, dealing with rejection is certainly a skill/mindset that you need to master.

Personally I’ve been doing this type of work that long that I don’t really give it a second thought but, if I was to offer advice to any newbies I’d most likely give the following:

1 – Prepare, prepare prepare – know your product, know your market, rehearse handles to any potential objections and ensure you have a strong, value led introduction to the conversation – all of this will hopefully avoid you getting to the point of all out rejection in the first place

2 – accept that rejection is a part of the role, not everyone is going to want what you’re selling, not everyone will like the sound of your voice, not everyone will be calm, controlled and polite.   Even if the reason for rejection is the sound of  your voice, in essence it’s what you’re proposing that they’re rejecting, not you as an individual.

3 – Just because they say “no” now, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to say “no” forever.   Providing they’ve not been horrendously aggressive to you, do what you can to enable the conversation to continue at another stage – get an email address, send some information over, confirm if any of their colleagues might be interested, agree on a date to call back.   If the situation allows it, you could even ask why they’re saying no – is it cost, is it lack of requirement, have they had a bad experience with your company in the past that you – as a brilliant and innovative customer-focused sales professional – can help to resolve

And if all else fails, to quote the CEO of the Call Centre (currently airing on BBC3 in the UK) “SWSWSWN” – some will, some won’t, so what, next!    Don’t waste your time or energy on prospects that just aren’t going to buy – pick yourself up and move on!

The next call could well be the sale you’re after!


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