Could December 19th be the best day for selling this year?

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For an awful lot of people, today will be the last working day before Christmas.  For many it may be the last working day of the year.      Either way, it’s a great time of year, everyone’s in a marvellous, festive mood, having fun and, inevitably slowing down the workload in anticipation of a few days of Christmassyness (yes that is a word!).

There’s a double whammy going on today in terms of keeping the motivation going – not only is it nearly Christmas, it’s a friday – the day when salespeople all around the globe turn part of their brains off and “take it easy”

Well, I say “salespeople” – not successful salespeople.  The successful salespeople will be using today for what it is – a BRILLIANT opportunity for getting hold of key decision makers and MAKING SALES.

Think about it – everyone’s in a better mood, they have less work on their plate AND less businesspeople are driving around the country attending meetings – result – decision makers are in a great mood, they have less of a workload than at other times of the year AND they’re sat at their desks, shuffling papers.

Get in there – pitch, engage, amuse, get some meetings set up for january, send over information, schedule a call over the christmas period – whatever you can do.

Don’t sit back, give up and spend the day stuffing your face with mince pies – that’s what your competitors will be doing.   Get on the phone, get those emails out, get out the door – just get some activity going.  Then you can rest, knowing you’ve made that final, all important push, ready to take a well earned break in a couple of days!

So is December the 19th the best day for selling this year?

Up to you!

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Happy selling!


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