Curiosity – it might have killed the cat but it helps to get the sale

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As the saying goes “Curiosity killed the cat”, however, you’re not a cat (as far as I’m aware I don’t have many feline readers to this blog), you’re a salesperson and, whilst curiosity can be dangerous if, for example you’re thinking “I wonder what will happen if I insert this pair of scissors into this plug socket”, creating a sense of curiosity can open up sales conversations, help to identify potential issues and, ultimately increase your chances of doing what matters – getting the sale.

Conversely – a lack of curiosity WILL kill the sales process dead

So, how do create a sense of curiosity and get your prospects to think about the positive changes that you/your organisation can make?

  1. Don’t give too much away – if you’re approaching a new prospect and immediately launch into your sales pitch, you’ve done no work to identify whether the prospect has a need for what you’re offering.   If you’re looking to, for example, set a sales appointment, asking for that at the start of the conversation will, in 99% of occasions result in a “NO”.   Ease the prospect in, ask a series of short, diagnostic questions that gradually move you both to the point where the prospect will actually want to see you.
  2. Paint a picture – get the prospect to visualise what life would be like with your product/service – uncovering needs through effective questions and matching those needs to your solution.   Put yourself in their shoes, understand what their current situation is, what challenges they have and what possibilities there could be
  3. Ask if you can ask a question before you ask a question.   This is particularly applicable in the very early stages of a sales conversation – it achieves the goal of not only giving you a free platform to engage with the prospect but immediately plants a sense of curiosity within the prospects mind.
  4. Focus less on closing, more on understanding.   Even the act of adopting an understanding mindset will make huge changes to your sales approach.   The closer will start every call, looking for an opportunity to get an agreement from the prospect.  Prospects will not even need closing if you’ve sufficiently generated a sense of curiosity within his/her mind
  5. Don’t give away the content in your email subject titles.    If you’re utilising email as part of your prospecting process (which I strongly recommend you do), don’t give away the game in the email subject.  I find that using terms such as “Quick Question”, “Quick enquiry” or even “can I ask  you something” vastly increases my response rate to emails.     Bear in mind that every decision maker within every business will receive countless emails from suppliers looking to supply them on a daily basis.    Give the game away too early and there’s no chance your email will be read.    The same applies for voicemail messages.      Be vague but not so vague that it seems as if you’re deliberately withholding information



And if you simply can’t face doing these calls yourself and need an experienced, reliable company to help you out, give us a bell on 0330 20 50 500 or fill in the contact form on our website and we’ll call you straight back

Dan Smith
Inspired Business Development Ltd

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