Telephone Data Cleansing – 10 tips for success

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Cleansing data using the phone is often considered to be an entry level job (as is telemarketing as a whole but I’ll have a rant about that at a later stage).

Yes you may not need to have the same level of expertise that is required to take a prospect from the completely cold/disinterested stage through to being a customer but, to be successful you still the following:

  1. A professional yet friendly voice – you’re only looking to confirm a couple of pieces of information but, unless you sound like someone the receptionist wants to talk to, you won’t get past the first stage
  2. A compelling reason for the receptionist to want to confirm that information with you – if they feel this information will only be used to pass onto a salesperson/add them onto an e mail list, you’re not going to get very far
  3. The ability to handle any objections that arise, should the receptionist be unwilling to share the information with you
  4. Other means to source that information (linkedin/google searches etc), should you be unsuccessful in getting what you need over the phone
  5. A clear understanding of what information you need from the company and whether there are likely to be others involved in the purchasing decision for whatever product/service your company offers
  6. Resilience – data cleansing is about high numbers of calls – most people will be willing to give you the information you need providing you’ve followed steps 1-5 but, inevitably there will be rejection – deal with it and move on
  7. Motivation – these won’t be fun calls, you probably won’t have much time on hold to be able to catch your breath – as soon as you’ve put the phone down, you need to be ready to make that next call – and repeat!!!!
  8. A great CRM system – or at least some means of keeping track of who you’ve called and whether you’ve cleansed their details – no point in calling back companies you’ve already contacted – make your time worthwhile
  9. A succinct introduction – you don’t need to be reading out war and peace – yes, from a moral perspective it’s best to give out the name of the company you’re working for but, unlike a sales call, it’s not absolutely necessary – unless you’re pushed for it.  And when you are pushed for it, you’ll be wanting to make sure you’ve followed step 2
  10. And lastly – set yourself tight targets – aim to at the very least make a set amount of dials or,even better, a target to cleanse a certain amount of data.  Break it down into hourly blocks if you prefer to work that way.  Believe me, without a target, this will prove to be a very taxing task!



And if you simply can’t face doing these calls yourself and need an experienced, reliable company to help you out, give us a bell on 0330 20 50 500 or fill in the contact form on our website and we’ll call you straight back

Dan Smith
Inspired Business Development Ltd

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