Data Cleansing Services

Do you have an existing database that hasn’t been maintained?

Are you finding the amount of bounced or returned emails is affecting your productivity? Have key contacts in your database moved or changed roles?

Are you concerned that numbers on your database might be registered with the telephone preference service/corporate telephone preference service?

We can help by cleaning and de-duplicating your existing data set using a variety of efficient and cost effective methods.

It is essential for any organisation to ensure it’s data is kept clean and current to improve the effectiveness of all sales and marketing activities. Inspired Business Development can achieve this by:

• Clarifying names and job titles of decision makers
• Checking and amending postal and email contact details
• De-duplicating data to ensure contacts are not repeatedly marketed to during the same campaign
• Sourcing additional contacts names and key purchasing decision makers
• Checking numbers against the TPS/CTPS register

For every data cleansing campaign we will agree on set criteria and objectives and can even include data cleansing as a task within a specific Telemarketing Campaign – all delivered quickly, efficiently and at highly competitive rates.

Call Inspired Business Development today on 0330 20 50 500 to find out how we can quickly clean your data and improve the effectiveness of your sales and marketing activities.




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