Data – The importance of ensuring it’s accurate


Yes, a tenuous Star Trek reference to start (I was looking for an eye catching image to do with data – this, apparently was the best I could manage)

This weeks blog is all to do with the importance of obtaining/purchasing/acquiring (however you want to get hold of it) – accurate data for Telemarketing campaigns.   For all of the elements that make up a successful telemarketing campaign, data is one of the, if not the  most important thing to consider.

There have been many occasions during my time running this business where I’ve met with potential clients who, as there is an expense attached to purchasing data, have tried to avoid it by using lists they’ve previously called, exported data from their own internal CRM system or have even uttered the words “can’t you just search for companies on google”   I can pretty much guarantee, with all due respect to those individuals that, if you go down that route, the data you’re presented with will be a big, steaming pile of effluence (and that’s putting it politely).

All of the preparation, all of the effective questioning, all of the brilliant benefit-led email templates that we’ll write will make no difference if you’re not calling prospects from an accurate, targeted set of data.

I’d strongly recommend, before you even think about designing a telemarketing campaign that you first begin by drawing up a detailed profile of exactly who you’re looking to target – taking into account anything relevant to the campaign such as company size, location, business sector, number of employees etc etc.  Perhaps even start thinking about your “ideal customer” – where are they based? What industry are they in? Who makes the decision in the business?   If you’ve identified that companies in a particular sector tend to be a pain in the backside, then don’t include them.  Make your life as easy as possible.  Who wants what you’re offering?

The more scattergun you are in your approach – the more likely you are to fail.

Some companies may well sell to “anybody”  That may well be the case but, for the purposes of making the campaign work – go for the low hanging fruit.  There will be industries that are more receptive to your offering – go after them rather than people who’ll take a lifetime to make a decision.  The aim is to make the process as success-driven as possible.

You’ll need to select a good, reputable data provider – there’s hundreds out there, some good, some bad.  We’ve used the same company for years as I’ve always found their prices, customer service and, most importantly accuracy of data to be fantastic.  Shop around, join some groups on linkedin, post some discussions to ask for recommendations.  Have a budget in mind and stick to it.

Again, the more accurate the data, the more likely you’ll get success

I’m often also asked whether we can purchase specific job titles – personally this isn’t a route I choose to go down.  Yes it can speed up the process if you’ve got a name but a good telemarketer will easily be able to establish who they need from a quick conversation with a receptionist.  As long as there’s a benefit to the company of dealing with you, 9 times out of 10 the receptionist will give you this information.  Yes, there’ll be occasions where the receptionist won’t give you the details you need, don’t beat yourself up over it, see what linkedin or jigsaw or google can bring up, then call them back on another occasion.

In summary, data can make or break a campaign.   Put some thought into your selection, find the right company to provide it and you’re well on your way to delivering a successful Telemarketing project


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One thought on “Data – The importance of ensuring it’s accurate

  1. John Keating - Databroker Ltd

    Interesting article and one that I largely agree with – except for the data provision part ( for transparency here – I run one of those data companies mentioned ). The article infers that one source of data may be the best solution for you. Yes, there are lots of data owners, some bad, some good, some ugly – all have their own strengths and weaknesses and you will never find one data owner that this their strengths aligned with the requirements of your campaign. Need HR data? – data supplier x. Need Manufacturing companies – data supplier Y and so on. My advice would be to find and impartial list or data broker to help you. Research their credentials on linked in. If they have just started up or only been in data for 2 years – walk away. Only deal with DMA members as well. Worth remembering that all data providers tell you they are excellent – if only….

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