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Proactive And Reactive Keys Show Initiative And Improvement

Earlier this week I had a conversation with a potential client who we’ve been hoping to convert into an actual client over the past couple of months.   As is usually the case, this particular prospect in question had approached several other telemarketing businesses to get a wider choice of rates, approaches, levels of experience in his sector – that’s par for the course and, personally I’m always pleased that prospects are approaching several companies because hopefully they can see, from both my passion and from the level of experience of both myself and the rest of the team, – in addition to the results we achieve that we’ll do a much better job than our competitors.

It also helps them to gain a greater understanding as to the level of work required in delivering a successful telemarketing campaign and why we charge what we charge for our services.

However, on this occasion, the company they selected had offered to give them a substantial discount off their usual rate (and in turn potentially undervaluing their service) so the prospect had decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and allow them a small number of days work to be able to prove themselves.

We spoke of how this company are progressing, how much work they’d put in, what sort of results they had achieved, how pleased he was with their approach and level of communication etc and, at this point he said something which, personally amazed me – “I’m a little concerned that they’re not being proactive on their calls” ie they’re just going through the motions, seemingly with no flexibility in their approach and, it appears not looking for different solutions to help meet the clients objective.

The reason I’m amazed by this is that, for me, running a successful outbound sales & marketing campaign you HAVE to be proactive in your approach.   This isn’t about developing one, single minded strategy and just going at it like a bull in a china shop, regardless of whether it’s worked because that’s what the client has asked you to do.   It’s about being willing to explore and put in places several different strategies, consistently analysing the results and outcomes and, if that strategy isn’t working, swap it for one that will.

For me, being proactive is part of the role of an outsourced sales and marketing company – we’re not being paid to do the job, regardless of whether it works, we’re being paid to get RESULTS, not to do as we’re told.

In short, we’re experts at delivering successful, engaging, results focused sales and marketing calls that will ALWAYS look to develop the best possible solution to ensure a strong return on our clients investment – if we’re not proactive, we’re not doing our job!


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