Don’t sell, help your customers to buy!

Picture of used car salesman

There’s an advert running on TV in my part of the UK currently for a car dealership which I feel sums up the changing attitudes towards the traditional buyer/seller relationship.

On the surface, it’s a fairly typical advertisement for a car dealership – long, sweeping shots of a huge selection of bright, shiny cars, an attractive young lady smiling and detailing the benefits of their extended warranties, flexible finance options and servicing. Nothing too groundbreaking there.

But then, at the end of the ad, the young lady utters the phrase “we don’t sell you a car, we help you to find the right car for you”

This turns the whole perception of car salesman (and women) on it’s head. People expect, when they enter a car dealership that some white toothed, smiling, slick salesperson is going to bamboozle them with features and benefits, confuse the daylights out of them with complex finance options and do whatever they can to sell that car and earn their commission.

Instead, you’re given the impression that the salesperson is going to take the time to listen, understand, advise and truly aim to please. Result – the salesperson still gets their commission but ultimately has generated a happier and more satisfied customer, building far more likelihood of both repeat business – and glowing recommendations to that customers family and friends.

Sales is no longer about talking people into things they don’t want and aren’t comfortable with buying. It’s about listening, understanding, uncovering needs through effective, relevant questions and ultimately seeing things from the perspective of the buyer – not from the perspective of the salespersons pay packet.

So, ask yourself, are you selling, or helping your clients to make EXACTLY the right buying decision?

And if you need help with any aspect of outbound sales and marketing, we’d love to talk!

Happy selling


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