Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re considering outsourcing part of your sales and marketing function to an external provider, it’s inevitable that you’ll have many questions that you need answers to so, to help you make the right decision, here are a selection of our most frequently asked questions.

If there’s anything we’ve not covered here, please do get in touch with us on 0330 20 50 500 or complete our contact form and we’ll do everything we can to help.


Do you carry out commission only/paid on results campaigns?
We do.    This is currently only offered for companies within IT, Telecoms, Facilities Services and Security.    Fees are only payable for successfully qualified sales opportunities, meaning a much lower financial commitment from our clients.

All we would need from you are a few details about your company, what you offer and who you would be looking to target, we will then send you a short email with details of the lead/opportunity and, if you feel the opportunity is of interest, we will arrange an introduction between the two parties and provide assistance and guidance to help give the best possible chance of converting that lead into a sale.

Do you charge a set up fee?
We do not charge a separate set up fee, however, an element of the time for any campaign will be given to the set up and ongoing campaign management – including staff training.

This includes an in-depth initial consultation to help devise the most effective marketing strategy for your company, importing and processing of data, setting up our CRM system, training & development of staff, writing and development of any campaign emails, briefing documents and additional admin required to help ensure a well devised telemarketing campaign is delivered on your behalf

What is the minimum campaign length
It may be a harsh truth but, as with any type of sales and marketing, the more time you put in, the more you’ll get out of it.    Ideally, a new telemarketing campaign calling from a completely cold set of data will require around 20 days of work to be able to start seeing significant results, however we are able to offer short trial/pilot campaigns starting at 10 days.

These days can be delivered over a period that suits so don’t necessarily have to be delivered all in one block.   We can also offer hourly work but would still need a total commitment of at least 10 days to ensure we give ourselves sufficient opportunity to make the campaign a success.


Can you supply data?
We have very close relationships with a number of very reputable data providers and can provide accurate, targeted data at extremely competitive rates.     We would be more than happy to discuss your requirements further on 0330 20 50 500

How will I know what you’ve done/do you send me reports or copies of the data you’ve been calling?
As part of the campaign set up we will populate our CRM with tailored reports that will clearly demonstrate every aspect of the weeks calling/emailing activity.    As well as giving you full visibility over every aspect of the campaign, you will also receive a full export of that weeks data, showing all of the call notes, comments and next actions that will be taken to help progress each contact to the point of generating a sales opportunity/meeting for you.

I have a list of data/contacts – can you work with that?
We have absolutely no problem with working with data that is supplied by you, however it is worth bearing in mind that accuracy of data is one of the most important factors in determining the potential success of any telemarketing campaign so we would always recommend purchasing specific data for your campaign to ensure the greatest possible chance of success

Our approach/methods

How many calls will you make over the course of a day?
We will typically aim to make around 80 calls in addition to sending emails and additional correspondence to prospects over the course of a days work although that can vary depending on the campaign and the length of the conversations we’re able to have with each prospect.

What results can you guarantee?

There are many variables that determine the potential level of success for any sales and marketing campaign – not just telemarketing however, we will guarantee that we will develop the most effective strategy possible to be able to achieve whatever targets and objectives we agree with our clients.

As long as there is a market for your product or service, we guarantee that we will do all we can to uncover as many new sales opportunities as we possibly can for you and also provide you with valuable market intelligence, a set of accurate targeted data and a pipeline of potential clients.

Can you book appointments/meetings for me?
Securing appointments is one of the most common objectives for any telemarketing campaign that we deliver.  Typically we will need access to a shared diary and we will then ensure we secure qualified meetings at a time, location and date that suits you/your sales teams working schedule.     It is worth mentioning that we will always fully qualify any meetings we book on your behalf, based on an agreed list of qualification criteria and will never book appointments that we consider to be a waste of your time/resources.

How can I be certain you’ll ask the right questions?
As part of the initial set up we will agree with you what you’d like us to ask and what answers you’d like us to give to the most commonly asked questions.  If there’s anything we don’t the answer to, we will handle this in an extremely professional manner, consult with you and either advise a callback from the client (you) or call them back to answer their query ourselves.

Do you carry out B2C (business to consumer campaigns)?
Yes, we have delivered a number of successful B2C telemarketing campaigns and would be more than happy to discuss your campaign on 0330 20 50 500

In essence, exactly the same skillset is required to sell to both consumers and businesses.  We can help you uncover sales in exactly the same way.

How will you introduce yourselves to prospects?
We can introduce ourselves in whichever manner you feel is most suitable – typically we will call as if we are representatives of your business.  Rest assured that all of our team sound highly professional on the phone – we will be happy to set up a call with any member of the team so you can be reassured that we will be representing your business as professionally as possible at all times.

Do you outsource any of your work to overseas calling agencies?
We never outsource any of our work, either to overseas or other UK based companies.   All work is delivered by our personally selected telemarketing staff who have been chosen for their high levels of professionalism and expertise in this field.     We believe in attracting and retaining the highest levels of telemarketers possible and would never relinquish control by passing work onto an external provider

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