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And a little bit of dedication, just like the famous theme song from popular UK kids TV show “record breakers”  but, for the purposes of sticking to the theme, staying motivated is a huge part of being successful in sales.  It is, as they say, a numbers game.  The more calls you make, the more chance of success.

The worst salesperson in the world will, eventually be successful if they make contact with enough people.  No matter how bad your sales technique is, make enough calls and there’s a very good chance you’ll eventually come across someone that needs your product or service.  Saying that, even some of the most successful salespeople occasionally struggle with getting motivated.   We all have those days where we’re tired, hungover, bored, frustrated and unless you can successfully channel your energies into your work, those feelings of demotivation will only increase – end result, no work & no sales.

So, how do you give yourself a metaphorical boot up the backside and get yourself working again when all you’d rather do is pack up your bags and head home to play on the xbox (other time stealing leisure activities are available – just using an example that’s close to my heart!)

Here’s a few pointers to help you get back to work in those challenging moments or to help avoid getting to that state in the first place

1 – Take a break.    This might seem counterproductive but if you’re finding you’ve been sitting, staring at your screen for an extended period of time it can often help to get out of the office for a few minutes or at the very least away from your desk.   Go for a walk outside, make a drink, grab a snack, do something healthier but equally distracting as smoking (don’t want to be accused of encouraging people to smoke!) , just make sure you set a limit for your break time.  A fresh mind is a productive mind but let the break time run over and you’ll be in a worse position than you were to begin with

2 – Set realistic goals – and constantly remind yourself of them.   This could be a large goal that consistently motivates you ie a new car/new house/holiday or small daily goals such as making a set amount of calls or speaking to a set number of decision makers for example.    A great method of reminding yourself of the bigger goals is to have a picture of the thing you’re after stuck in a prominent place near your desk.  A picture of a nice shiny car that could, potentially be yours if you work hard enough does wonders for productivity.    In terms of the smalller goals I personally feel this is essential for any role where you’re having to make large amounts of calls in a day.  I often get asked how I manage to make 100+ calls in a day – easy, set myself a goal to and just get on with it!  Every call is a step closer to success – are you walking towards success or away from it?

3 – Tidy up.   Whilst cleaning and tidying may not be the top of most people’s lists of fun things to do, having a clean, tidy workspace really makes a difference to your mindset and levels of motivation.  Unless you’re at a point where you need to call in professional help to sanitise your workspace, a quick 5 min tidy up can really help.   Put your pens back in their pen holder, stationery back in your drawer, sort out your in tray and whack a duster around your desk.  As Barry Scott says “bang – and the dirt is gone”  and the motivation is back! (he didn’t say the bit about motivation)

4 – Stay away from Facebook.  Or any other form of social media – even Linkedin can be a drain on your time and mental state; in some ways Linkedin is even worse than FB for being distracting as it falls under the guise of being “work”.   Personally I have no issue with casting an eye over FB, Linkedin or Twitter whilst I’m on hold but, as soon as I’m off the phone those quick glances or replies to status updates can soon take you away from the task in hand.   If social media is part of your marketing activity (which it should be!), put aside specific times in the day or in the week for it and leave the calling time as it should be – for calling!

5 – Do the bad stuff first.  If there’s a task that seems, on the surface, horrendous, get it out of the way as early as possible.  Nobody likes dealing with complaints or having to make difficult calls to difficult people but the longer you put it off, the less productive you’ll be.  I remember watching a rather dated training video way back in the 90’s that used a visual of a phone getting larger and larger throughout the day to symbolise how difficult tasks become harder the longer you put them off.   Plan your day out early in the day, identify the worst possible task and DO IT!  Then that phone can shrink and you can get on with the easy stuff!

These are just 5 short tips that I personally use very regularly but notable mentions should go to:

Plenty of rest
Water (either for drinking or bathing (again a clean and tidy body works as well as a clean and tidy office))
Music (if 5 minuntes of air guitaring to your favourite rock classic or doing cheesy rave dancing to the prodigy helps lift your state of mind then do it!) (You may wish to use headphones if there’s a chance your colleagues aren’t keen on your musical tastes)

So, hopefully these will help to lift you out of that brain stew and get you working!


Dan Smith 
Inspired Business Development
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T:01384 566 078


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