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In some ways, there’s never been an easier time to be in sales.   All the information we could ever need is at our fingertips.     Decision makers names, email addresses, telephone numbers, current clients, all available within seconds if you know where to look.

Never have you been better armed.

Unfortunately, your prospects also have access to all the information they could ever need.     To some degree they don’t “need” salespeople to tell them about how brilliant their company or their product is.   They can find it out themselves.

Prospects are also busier or at least seemingly busier than they ever have been.      Not only are they universally working harder and longer than ever before, the information heavy age in which we live has led prospects and indeed people on the whole to develop attention spans equivalent to a gnat on speed.

Send them a long introductory email, it won’t get read.   Call them and – if you’re lucky enough to speak to them, they often won’t be able to speak for very long because their attention is elsewhere.   Provide a genuine solution to their problems and they’ll be too busy to even consider it – even if that something will save them time.

But there are worthwhile prospects out there – even the people you’re trying tirelessly to reach could even become worthwhile prospects – it just might take a LOT longer to reach them than you’ve become accustomed to.

To survive in outbound sales today you really do have to work harder, better, faster and stronger than ever before (and you were wondering why there was a picture of daft punk on this blog).

Make more calls, send more emails, become more efficient, more resilient, more knowledgeable than your competitors, manage your time more effectively.   Don’t fight the change – it’s already happened, just strive to work Harder, Better, Faster and Stronger

And if you need more business for your business – let’s talk.   We’ve made thousands of successful outbound calls over the last five years and have a proven track record of generating high value sales for our clients


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