Healthy competition – bring it on!


We’ve recently been given an opportunity to deliver an outbound calling and telemarketing campaign for a leading manufacturer and supplier of energy efficient lighting.

The campaign itself is something which, as a business, we’ll be extremely comfortable in delivering as a large proportion of our previous experience has been in contacting the likes of facilities managers to promote energy efficient products.   We’re used to talking to that level of decision maker and I’m confident we’ll be able to “talk the talk” as it were.

What is unusual – but in a good sense – about this client is that, rather than deciding to work with just one Telemarketing company, they have invited us and another local business in to tackle the project together – both of us selling the same products but one focused on the large, corporate market and the other on SME’s.

I know a lot of people in my situation would not welcome this, after all, you want the biggest slice of the pie you can possibly get but, personally, I fully endorse and, indeed, encourage this of all companies that are looking to outsource any aspects of their business function.

Yes, they’re going to be dealing with two different companies, yes they’ll be getting two different reporting mechanisms, approaches, supporting documents, emails etc but, and here’s the BIG benefit – they are creating a clear, known and very healthy sense of competition.

We are both going to want to do better than our competitor.   We are both going to want to come up with the most innovative, effective ideas and be able to deliver the largest amount of successful sales calls.   In the end there may be a winner.  There may be a loser but, the one person that will win is the client.

All parties involved in the project have met, we will all be keeping in regular contact with each other as the campaigns unfold and will all bring different ideas to the table – the client is getting double the expertise for his money.

So, bring on the competition, there will be winners!



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Dan Smith

Inspired Business Development Ltd

Inspired Business Development

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