Who am I to talk?

So, I’ve set up and continue to develop a successful telemarketing business and now I’ll be publishing a regular blog to provide advice and assistance to anyone who’s role includes aspects of “cold calling”.

As this is the first blog I’ve published you may be thinking “who am I to talk?” – what makes me an authority on this subject?  Why should you listen to my advice?

Well, in essence, I’ve been involved in sales since the age of 19 (yes, I know I don’t look it! – aside from the grey hair, that’s parenthood for you!).   Practically every job I’ve held has had some requirement for cold calling and I have always enjoyed the challenge of picking up the phone and making new contacts.

Since starting Inspired Business Development in 2011 I have spent even more time on the phone – working for different clients practically every day, selling an extremely diverse range of products and services and, although I’ve done very well in the past, running my own business has meant I have really had to up my game.

As a result I have now developed a number of very successful methods of carrying out that initial cold call – backed up by the results we’re achieving for our clients and I’m looking forward to being able to share some of those methods and my experiences of being on the front line – so to speak –   with my subscribers.

I realise that the vast majority of the population – even the most seasoned sales professionals – hate cold calling so, for those of you that are fearful hopefully this blog will  help you to get over that fear.  For those of you that are doing a lot of cold calling already this may provide you with some additional tools or some reassurance that you’re doing things correctly.  Either way, I’d welcome your comments, positive or otherwise.

Happy calling!





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