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I’ve been giving thought recently to whether the word “telemarketing” now carries so many negative connotations with the wider world that it’s no longer seen as a viable route to market in terms of an outsourced service.

I hear some terrible horror stories out there of companies that have taken thousands of pounds off clients and not delivered any results or even provided anything indicating that they’ve even done any work in the first place.

And today, during a conversation with a potential client, he expressed his issues with the “telemarketing industry”, mentioning that he’d dealt with companies in the past who, having worked on a day rate for him, had then sold the leads they’d generated onto other companies.

For me, this goes against the whole concept of working for a day rate for a client – if we’re getting paid to work for that client, any work we do is purely for the benefit of that client.   Whilst it’d make us more money if we sold their leads on – and it’s unlikely the client would ever find out – that’s simply not the way I choose to do business.

Besides, it’s certainly not very compliant from a data protection perspective.

I realise we operate in an industry that hasn’t got the best reputation – the public perception of telemarketers is one of pushy, inexperienced staff, pestering people at home to sell them things they don’t need.

At Inspired Business Development we’re all about engaging, intelligent, enjoyable conversations and honesty!

As I’ve said on twitter many times before – be honest, be trustworthy – your reputation is worth it’s weight in gold and one single action can ruin that in a second.  Yes, you may make more money short term by selling clients leads onto other companies but I would never go down this route and, given the damage that this sort of behaviour seems to have done for our industry, will thoroughly discourage any client of ours from dealing with a company that feels this way of doing business is in any way acceptable.

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Dan Smith
Inspired Business Development Ltd

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