How many “no’s” have you got today?


In sales, you’re always looking for a “yes”

A yes means your prospects are interested.  A yes means they’re going to give you some business.   A yes means more money in your pocket.

Yes’s are good.

But don’t ignore the importance of No’s.

Whilst no’s may not be as welcome, every single no you get is a step closer to a yes, both with that prospect and the next one you speak to, and the next one after that.

As long as you aim to come away with SOMETHING from every call, every meeting, every presentation, those no’s will not be a waste of your time.  Often the no’s will be an objection that you’re easily able to handle (assuming you know your product well enough) – another no that’s closer to a yes.

Not only should you accept that there will be a LOT of no’s along the way, you should invite them in.   Set yourself “no” targets and set yourself a target for converting those no’s into yes’s – after all, whilst no’s are part and parcel of sales, it’s the Yes’s we really want!

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Dan Smith

Inspired Business Development Ltd

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