If cold calling is dead, how come Linkedin are using it?

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I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it until it’s no longer true – Cold calling is not dead.   Want me to say it again?  No, oh, ok then, as long as you’ve got the point.

If it were true, sales teams would no longer EVER get on the phone and make cold calls and, if it were true, Linkedin – the very ambassadors of the “cold calling is dead” message, wouldn’t be using it.

As detailed in this brilliant post by Stephen Sockett – the business version of facebook, whilst saying for years that cold calling no longer works, are now currently advertising for salespeople experienced in cold calling for, you guessed it, a cold calling position.

Blummin hypocrites!

Yes, it can certainly NOT work but that applies to any form of sales and marketing.    No business owner would ever say sales or marketing don’t work.    They’ve just got to be done properly, by professionals that know what they’re doing.

You give someone with no experience on the phone a job selling over the phone, give them bad data, give them no training to ensure they’re asking the right questions and handling objections effectively, yes it’s not going to work.

It works and it’ll keep on working!

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Dan Smith
Inspired Business Development Ltd


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