Is cold calling really dead, really?


Given the rise in popularity of social media and, in particular, business social media there has been much talk recently of the fact that “Cold calling is dead”, that it’s a relic, a method of contacting prospects which is as effective and modern as using carrier pigeon (albeit a lot less messy)

Apparently we have now got to a point where we’re all too busy to be wasting our time speaking to salespeople on the telephone and that the only way we all want to do business in the second decade of the 21st century is through the internet.

It’s now a buyers market – Mr (or Mrs) buyer can sit in his (or her) office and search out prospective suppliers on a search engine, connect with them on linkedin, view their tweets on twitter or do whatever it is people do with Google+ (haven’t quite figured that out yet) and no longer do they need or want to be hassled by sales people over the telephone.   

All good stuff I’m sure you’ll agree, but this leads me to ask the question – “If cold calling is dead – why are there so many SEO companies looking for telemarketers?”

The answer to that question is that it’s not dead, it’s just part of a wider mix of methods that can be used to market your business.   The SEO companies realise this, otherwise they’d purely be relying on search engine optimisation which, in essence, is great if you have a very unique business and not a great deal of local competition but put yourself up against huge numbers of local competitors and suddenly you need something to make you stand out from the crowd.  Enter the professional Telemarketer!  (now there’s a title for a Bruce Lee film!)

A well planned telemarketing campaign (and by well planned I mean sourcing the right data, developing a strong benefit-led call structure, having strong, detailed reporting in place to record and analyse the results of each call and sourcing an experienced, professional salesperson to do the calling) can reap huge rewards for any business.   There will inevitably be people that will refuse to take sales calls but, as part of the campaign it makes sense to utilise other methods ie  leave snappy, attention grabbing voicemails, send snappy attention grabbing emails

and, if all else fails, release the carrier pigeons!






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