Honesty wins – and keeps business


One of the biggest challenges in not only running a Telemarketing business but, I’d imagine any serviced based business is that of managing clients expectations.       There is always going to be an element of ensuring you impress the client with the potential levels of success you’re going to achieve but also in ensuring you don’t over promise and, in turn under deliver.

One of the most common questions I get asked when speaking to potential clients is “how many appointments do you expect to get?”  or, the even more tricky to answer “what can you guarantee” – the straight answer is we don’t know until we start working on the campaign but, in reality that answer isn’t going to win us much business.   In those situations I tend to quote figures from previous campaigns we’ve delivered for companies in their industry but with the caveat that each campaign is different – there’s a whole host of factors at play that can determine potential levels of success and, it’s certainly best to make the client aware of those – without sounding as if you’re making excuses.

In terms of “guarantees” I can guarantee we will take every possible step to ensure we achieve the agreed levels of success – I then use this as an opportunity to explain how we work and, most importantly how we’d work for them.

I truly appreciate that, from a clients perspective, if they’re spending money on an outsourced telemarketing campaign, that they want to ensure that money is well spent, they want to make sure that they get results because otherwise they might just as well take their money and flush it down the toilet – although there’ll then be some additional cost related to unblocking their toilet.       So, the challenge is to outline how you are going to achieve those results without giving the client unrealistic expectations and, if you lose some potential clients on this basis, then so be it.

I personally would rather err on the side of caution – even if it means we don’t win that clients business I would always rather I keep a clients expectations as realistic as possible, otherwise you could potentially open up a whole huge family sized can of worms at a later stage.   It’s always best to be completely honest, to be totally transparent about how your business operates, what the skill set is of your operatives, how you truly ensure the maximum chances of success.   Yes there’ll be competitors who go in there and “BS” the life out of them and will almost certainly win their business but will that competitor keep them as a client? highly unlikely.

Furthermore that client will then have a terrible opinion of companies within your industry so not only does it damage your competitors business but also the reputations of many other companies operating within the same sector.

Honesty is most definitely the best policy.  It may not win you every new client but those clients you do win, you’re far more likely to keep!

Happy calling!


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