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I love a cheesy sales quote and one of my favourites – that I often bore other people with – is “The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary” and that’s certainly true when it comes to making sales and marketing calls.

One of the most common reasons that clients approach us an outsourced Telemarketing provider is that they have an existing sales team who just can’t motivate themselves to pick up the phone and get on with calling.  Yes it’s often not the most enjoyable task in the world but, done properly and with concerted, focused effort the rewards can be enormous.    The problem is, that if you don’t truly focus on getting it done it’s very easy to come up with other, seemingly more important/enjoyable things to be doing instead.

As part of my series of hashtags #telemarketingtips on twitter, one of the tips I regularly post is “just pick up the phone and get on with it” and, whilst I’m very big on preparing for calls, researching, getting yourself into the right mindset, having clear goals and objectives etc etc etc, you should never use these as excuses for not getting on with the task in hand.  That first call can often be the hardest to make so, ensuring a balance is kept between preparation and action, get that phone poised, get dialling and get talking.

I appreciate that when you’ve got other tasks that need doing it’s very easy to become distracted and is possibly one of the many reasons that an outsourced telemarketing company will be able to achieve greater results than an internal salesperson carrying out the same task – this is what we do, all day, every day, we’ve become accustomed to the zen-like mindset of making call after call and having the same conversations with different people for 8 hours a day.  But, if you are that internal sales person, reduce the risk of distractions by blocking out a specific amount of time for calling – and make sure that’s all you will be doing during that time.  Don’t check your emails, don’t get involved in conversations with colleagues, hell, pee in a bucket under your desk if it won’t get you sacked.

You’ll begin to notice after, say 10 calls that you get into a rhythm, you’ll pick up pace, gain momentum, be able to make the 30th call with the same enthusiasm that you made the first.  Believe me it gets easier in time.   Get some training if you need to, read some books, get advice from forums and discussions on Linkedin, read blogs or, if you’re really lost, we offer training and consultancy services that can help your internal teams make calls as successfully as we do.

Or, source a reliable Telemarketing provider that can do it for you, then you can get on with the rest of the countless activities you have to do in your business (*cough* – us)

Happy calling! and maybe peeing in a bucket


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