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I have to start with an apology – I’ve been a very naughty boy – in terms of writing my “regular” blog over the last couple of months.     As I’m sure many of you out there who run businesses know, it’s easy to get involved in the marketing and promotion of your business when things are quiet but takes a whole lot more discipline to keep at it when you’re so busy you can barely find the time to think, blogging included.

I’ve been very fortunate that, over the last two months we’ve had the busiest work period since the business started in 2011 and whilst it’s meant that I’ve been extremely productive with regard to the day to day running of the business I’ll hold my hands up and admit that I’ve left my blog feeling sorely neglected.

So, with that in mind, partly to remind myself why I do this and partly to help encourage you people out there in internet land to get blogging as well, here are 5 scorching hot reasons why YOU should be blogging and blogging regularly (smack on the wrists for me!)

1 – It shares your expertise.   Blogging is a great way of sharing your knowledge with the world, whatever field you’re in.   Even if you don’t feel what you do for a living is likely to be of interest to anyone else you can guarantee there will be others that will benefit from your experience and skills.  In turn, you’re positioning yourself as an expert and, the more people that know that, the more potential customers you’ll generate

2 – It drives traffic to your website.  I’m by no means an expert in web design/seo but I know that, since starting my blog it has significantly increased the amount of traffic to our website – most importantly this is relevant traffic – people that have an interest in what I do.   Until google significantly changes the way their search algorithms work it also means that a blog with links to your website further increases the exposure of your website address.  Result – more customers

3 – It creates lasting results – Once a blog is written and is out there in the public domain, it will continue to work for you, long after you’ve written it.  It’ll still be sitting on whatever platform you’ve used to publish it, will still include all of that lovely useful content, all of the links to your website and will still be ranking in search engines.   Put in the effort now and you’ll be seeing the benefits for, potentially years to come!

4 – It reinforces your brand – not only can a blog do a tremendous amount for reinforcing your brand in the eyes of potential new clients it can do a huge amount to reinforce your current clients opinion that they’ve made the right choice in selecting your business.  Sharing knowledge, sharing success stories, showing personality – as the old adage goes, people buy from people – you’re not a faceless corporation, you’re a real person in a real business delivering real value.  Show the world why you’re the best choice they can make!

5 – It’s free!  Other than the cost of the time spent writing (which could range from 5 minutes up to hours if you’re really struggling – see my previous blog on finding blog inspiration) Blogging is a completely FREE way of promoting your business.  Yes there are subscription based services out there but, for me, I use the basic version of wordpress which has a huge amount of plugins, add ons and optional extras to help you on your blogging journey and, for a promotional method that really does keep on working, can you really argue with FREE!

So, I’ve given myself a little telling off, I’m now back blogging and give my word it will continue

Happy blogging!


Dan Smith 
Inspired Business Development
Unit K9 Cradley Enterprise Centre
Maypole Fields
B63 2QB
T:01384 566 078


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