It’s not just footballers that need more training


Now, as I’m sure you’re most likely very aware, we’re currently midway through the Fifa World Cup – that’s football, or soccer if you’re in the US.   Many people in England have probably lost interest by now as England were knocked out of the tournament not long after it started.

I have to say I’m not a huge football fan – I’m one of that rare breed of men who just does not find football/soccer in the slightest bit interesting.   One thing I am interested in though is SALES and therefore I thought I’d take this opportunity to create a tenuous link between the performance of a footballer and the performance of a successful salesperson.

It may be argued that we don’t have the most effective team we’ve ever sent into a world cup – apparently, before the tournament had even started there was only 3% of the country that thought we’d have any chance of winning.    Turns out those 3% were wrong.

That aside, regardless of what the average person in the street’s opinion of the team is, behind the scenes those footballers, who are widely considered to be the best footballers our country has to offer, have put in an enormous amount of hard work to get to the level of skill that they’re at now.    Regularly playing the game, undertaking years of training, coaching, psychological training, physiotherapy to get them to the point where they are considered ready to represent their country in one of the most high profile sports in the world.

As a salesperson, you are never truly the “finished product” – sales, contrary to what a lot of people may say, isn’t something that automatically comes naturally to people.  Yes you may be confident, yes you may be articulate, yes you may be able to talk the hind legs off a donkey but there is a lot more to being a successful salesperson than just having those qualities and, like professional sportspeople it’s essential that you build on whatever natural abilities you have.

Don’t rest on your laurels, don’t assume that because you have those natural abilities that that is the end of the process.   If you truly want to succeed in sales you have to continually keep learning, keep training, keep improving and building your mindset to enable you to keep as close to the top of your game as possible.

There are countless resources out there for salespeople on the internet, social media, books, cd’s, podcasts, training courses – utilise them.

Yes, England didn’t win the world cup this year -but maybe if they’d trained harder and been hungrier we would have been more successful.     In these tough economic times – salespeople are under closer scrutiny than ever, if you’re not producing results, you’ll be out on your ear so you owe it to yourself to hone your skills and be the best you can be.

And if you find that your salespeople are spending too much time in the office, sourcing new customers when they could do more out there on the road – get in touch.   We have a small but very effective team of highly experienced Telemarketers who will work hard to get you results!

The Jules Rimet is still gleaming, even if England’s hope’s aren’t.


Dan Smith 
Inspired Business Development
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Maypole Fields
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T:01384 566 078

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