Lead Generation For Logistics Companies

Logistics has always been a strong area for lead generation for us.    Outbound telemarketing suits the industry very well – many customers of logistics/freight/courier companies are welcome to receiving calls from alternative transport providers and, to a degree expect to receive calls to quote for specific shipments.

Price is key within the logistics sector – deliveries are an essential part of many companies business models, their customers rely on timely, safe deliveries, they rely on keeping the costs down and engaging with reliable, trustworthy logistics providers.

Our previous experience has covered large freight companies, same day couriers and franchised freight and shipping resellers and, in every case we’ve uncovered valuable opportunities for those clients.

Case studies can be provided along with statistics for those outbound telemarketing campaigns to further demonstrate how we are able to secure new business leads for freight and logistics providers in the UK.

Call us today, or fill out our enquiry form.  We guarantee to get you more business!

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