Life is rollercoaster – as is the world of business!



This is less of a full blog, more of a brief sharing of thoughts – had quite the rollercoaster of a week this week.  Started the month looking very quiet, seemingly unable to get any firm decisions from potential clients – lots of meetings, lots of proposals out there but just couldn’t seem to get any decisions out of anyone.   Revenue was looking significantly down over the last 3 months.

I then had some rather tense conversations with a very unreasonable client who, upon reflection I probably should have walked away from rather than take on the project in the first place and, in short, felt very frustrated and ever so slightly disillusioned with everything.

Then, yesterday had a very productive meeting with a large company in Birmingham who want us to deliver an appointment making campaign for them.   The ideal sort of client – large company, great reputation in their sector and a wonderful offering that can bring genuine savings to their clients.   Really looking forward to starting with them

So I guess the message is, no matter how hopeless things may feel at times, there’s always something positive just around the corner

Keep plugging away and don’t lose hope, things will get better!

Have a great weekend



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