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We all use linkedin for different reasons but, one of the most common ones is to be able to find the names of relevant contacts within other businesses.   Depending on each individuals privacy settings you may find that linkedin does not display their full name.

Try calling a large company and asking for a “Chris C” in marketing, for example – you instantly undermine your credibility in the sales call.   So, how do you find the full name?

Here’s some tips which, in the majority of cases will work.   If this fails, you may have to just call the company and turn on the charm to get the info you need!

  1. copy and paste that individuals job title into google – if they have relatively unique wording in their job description, their name will usually come up in a google search
  2. If that doesn’t produce anything – try putting the company name after the job description search
  3. Still nothing? add their first name into the search
  4. Now, if google isn’t bringing up what you need you’re going to have to go back into linkedin, click on the contacts profile page in linkedin, go onto the “people also viewed” section on the right and start having a browse of the various profiles in there.    It might take a few different clicks on a few different contacts but if you keep an eye on their “people also viewed” sections there’s a strong likelihood you’ll see the full name of the contact you’re looking for
  5. Still no joy? Depending on that person’s privacy settings/whether they’re members of any groups, you might well see a list of the groups that individual is a member of – have a browse through those, there could be some comments or discussions that person has commented on which will often show their full name
  6. And lastly – recommendations.   Due to the way linkedin encourages mutual recommending amongst it’s members, if an individual has a recommendation from someone, there’s a fair chance that they’ll have reciprocated – along with their full name

As I say, these are by no means a guarantee but they’re methods I personally use on a daily basis to help me find key decision makers so hopefully they’ll be of use to you too!

Happy calling!


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Inspired Business Development
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