Out of office replies – the hidden benefits

Out of office notice

We’ve all been there – you’ve called to speak to a prospect, he/she is available/won’t take your call so ask if you’re able to send an introductory email.

You’re very kindly provided with an email address, spend time crafting an eye catching email that (hopefully) will stand out from the hundreds of others they’ll receive in an average day and, you click send, hoping and praying that it gets there, is read and, most importantly, responded to.

A couple of minutes later you hear the familiar ping of an incoming email, draw your attention to your inbox only to discover it’s an automated out of office reply.

So, what do you do?

Most likely hit delete and maybe, just maybe set a call back date to try him/her another time.

And move onto the next prospect.

But, what have you just missed?

Out of office replies can be a goldmine of information so, before you hit delete, you could find:

  • A direct dial extension number (so you don’t have to go through reception next time)
  • A mobile number (so you’ve more chance of reaching them if they’re not typically office based)
  • A date when the prospect is next going to be in the office
  • Contact details for colleagues in the same department (who could also have some decision making power)
  • Social Links (so you have more channels of making contact)
  • Additional email addresses
  • Inside leg measurements, mothers maiden name and the name of their first pet

Ok, so the last one is unlikely but the rest are VERY likely to be in there.  Grab that info, put it in your CRM, update your contact info, try the other means of reaching them NOW whilst it’s fresh in your mind.

So, don’t discount the value of an out of office reply!

And if you need assistance with sales, marketing or any aspects of business development, give us a call, we’d love to help you out!


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Dan Smith

Inspired Business Development Ltd


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